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Occupational Outlook Handbook – US Labor Bureau premier source of career guidance featuring hundreds of occupations and salary statistics.

The Vault – Research and explore industries and professions.

My Next Move – Explore careers, search by industries, and learn occupational information, skills, abilities, etc.

Job Search – Extensive guide with job search resources and articles.

Internship Search – Best student internship platforms


What can I do with a Major In? – Explore career options and industries based on your academic major. See the resources below with information about career paths, sample job titles, & industries.

Online Education – Considering completing an online degree? Visit the resources below to compare online programs and learn about career paths, degree cost, and earning potential:


How to make a career change in 5 steps:

How to navigate your career transition without losing control:

Midlife Career Change – presented by Hermina Ibarra, professor of Organizational Behavior. Learn about the career change process, and some of the issues: ambivalence, fear of the unknown, confusion, & opportunity to make a change.


 16 Signs it is time to change your job:

5 Ways to deal with rejection:

Workplace Bullying – Are you being bullied at work?

Is a career change the answer to professional burnout?

Therapists spill on Change:


Assess your interests using the O*Net Interest Profiler (free):

The assessment uses Holland Codes to categorize careers according to the following: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, & Conventional

Assess your strengths using the Clifton Strengths Finder.  This helps you discover your innate talents and top 5 strengths. This report costs $20:
You can read more about the Strengths Finder on Amazon.



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